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Already Have A Website?
Are you are  unhappy with your current provider? Do you manage your website by yourself yourself but never seem to get around to updating it ? Looking for a fresh new look but don't know what to do? We may be able to help! Simply call or email us to set up your free consultation today.

Don't Already Have A Website?
We offer a variety of packages to suit the needs of most customers.  If none of our  packages fit your needs, we would be happy to discuss your requirements for a custom site...at no charge to you! Simply email or call us to set up your free consultation today at 631-255-8135.

Features and pricing of your website will be based entirely upon individual customer requirements.  Depending upon the degree of complexity, custom sites usually include one or more personal interviews to discuss client needs and business and may include any of the following as needed: multiple pages, multiple graphics/photos, image maps, counters, forms, custom backgrounds, guestbooks, discussion forums, shopping carts etc.

All sites choosing to have their own domain name like www.yourname.com or similar will also be required to pay a separate fee to an ICANN domain registering service to reserve and use the domain name. We charge an additional fee of $25 for us to reserve and handle the necessary administration to obtain, manage and direct your name to your new website.

Not happy with your current provider?
When many of us decided to get our first website, we didn't know much about the internet or service providers making it difficult to make the right choice. Not everyone did. The good news is that most websites are a lot more "portable" than you might think. If you are dissatisfied with your current "landlord" (vendor hosting your site) it is usually possible to move your site to Third Millennium Resources hosting with a minimum of disruption to your service and inconvenience to your clients. You may chose any of our feature packages to begin your service with us or we can discuss a custom arrangement.

You want to make sure you leave your existing vendor on good terms. While you might feel awkward or think it is risky to consider changing vendors, your current vendor is a business person so a business like reason for moving should suffice. The best explanation for leaving is to say something like "I am planning on moving my site to another vendor. I wish to be part of a larger community of likeminded sites to make it easier for potential clients to find me. I believe that this move is crucial to the overall success of my business and does not reflect negatively on your fine organization. How do we need to proceed to make this transition go as smoothly as possible?"

If you are happy with your current hosting arrangement, it is likely that we will still be able to work on your website in some other capacity - we will just need to know your registrar and hosting company information.

Moving to Third Millennium Resources Hosting

There will be several minor charges associated with making a move to Third Millennium Resources hosting server. These may or may not include the following:
  •  our "moving fee" is $5 per page will be charged in lieu of the quoted set up fees
  •  our one time administration fee of $50 will handle the actual move (downloading and re-uploading to our server)
  • If you currently have your own domain, your current vendor may charge you to change the technical, billing and/or technical contact names with your domain registry company
  • if you signed a contract, you might be subject to some cancellation charges with your current vendor
  • to ensure your customers will still be able to find you, you will want to make arrangements with your current vendor to maintain your old URL address for some period of time where you can post a "we've moved to.." page for six months or so while search engines and online directories can be updated. Some vendors will charge for this service.
  • You will want to begin announcing your intentions to move, and obtain your new URL (when applicable) as soon as possible so past visitors can change their bookmarks and address books and you can update your print advertising, letterhead, businesscards and your answering machine message. We can update the search engines and directories for you or you can wait until automated "spiders" come and find you. There will be an additional charge for us to proactively change/resubmit your new URL to search engines. You can of course handle this on your own if you choose.

You might wish to ask your existing vendor to write a brief "release letter" stating that they retain no ownership rights to your page design and content and that you are free to move them anywhere without additional charge. It is your responsibility to be sure that you "own" the design and content of your existing page so there will be no legal difficulties surrounding copywrited materials produced by your current vendor. If you think you would like to change vendors, our free consultation will help determine whether your current site contains any features, scripts or other services that we would be unable to support or if there would be any additional charges required for your move. It's not really as difficult as it sounds and we'll be there to help you navigate the process. Simply email us or call us at 631-255-8135 to set up your free consultation and get started today!

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