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Wholistic & Alternative Marketing Services
We reserve a special place in our personal and business hearts for all who have worked in the Wholistic and Alternative fields.  This is where we began our company and an area in which we still actively work.  As a sole practioner or a business owner engaged in Wholistic, Alternative, Spiritual or Metaphysical pursuits, you know how challenging it has been to work in this field.  Back in 1995 when we first approached practitioners about developing a website, or ran seminars on "Marketing Your Metaphysical and Holistic Message" we were met with blank stares or statements like "the universe will provide". I used to say, that "the universe put me in your path let me help you". Some practitioners had the vision to become involved early on, others did not.  Even as the alternative field has gained more popular acceptance, it is still important to augment creating one's reality by taking concrete steps as well.  Here are some of the websites we have created for Wholistic and Alternative clients:

ThirdMillenniumResources.com - 2010 (under renovation - trialing new design/creation maintenance platform) 

Eyes of Learning - 2009 (Wordpress blogging platform - manage client blog posts, email list and broadcasts)

Spiritual Cinema Source - 2006 (Joomla CMS Platform - client updates infrequently themselves)

The Center of Inner Wisdom
- 2005 (stand-alone site)

Elaine Resnik - 2005 (stand-alone site)

RevitalizeNow.com - 2002 (stand-alone site)

Body, Mind and Spirit of LI dot Com -2002 (stand-alone site - no longer actively maintained.  May be revamped one day...)

Because we have been working in the same community as you since 1995, we understand the work that you do, we speak your language and we understand the kind of people you are trying to appeal to. Also, our many years of experience in the business community give us tremendous insight on how to extend your reach into the mainstream population and the corporate environment as well.

All of the services we outline in the internet marketing services and traditional marketing services sections are available to you as well as the general business owner.  The balance of this page contains a little bit more about why practioners and sole providers might want to consider our services.

Why Do We offer These Services
Never before have more people been  seeking quality information on alternative spirituality, metaphysical abilities, or holistic practices.  Many still are uncomfortable to do any more than read a book in the privacy of their own homes. While interest in alternative philosophies, products, modalities and techniques has been with us for some time, disreputable participants  and questionable practices still affect the credibility of the industry as a whole. We believe one of the keys to increasing acceptance by the mainstream community lies in the ability to present these alternative practices in a highly professional manner.

In the absence of facts, individuals and their beliefs are judged by the information available. Often this includes materials and presentations that are poorly thought out and executed hence the knowledge or service remains suspect. Even though many legitimate practitioners may feel uncomfortable with the concept of self promotion, charlatans have no such hesitation and therefore tend to steal the headlines and sully the reputation of all related disciplines. It is the responsibility of all practitioners to turn around public perception by being skilled at highlighting the good and successful work being done to balance public perception. We believe we can help to accomplish this by leveling the playing field by offering the same kinds of services to the alternative and complementary community that mainstream businesses have been using successfully for decades.

Why Third Millennium Resources?
We offer affordable internet and traditional marketing consulting, graphic design, business writing and desk top publishing services to Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses in the mainstream business community but specialize  in the unique concerns and language associated with the alternative client.

In November of 1995, Lee Keil - president of Third Millennium Resources, published the premiere issue of The Third Millennium Calendar of Events which was designed as a vehicle through which metaphysical, holistic and spiritual practitioners could promote their talents to persons interested in the work. Later she published "the Resource Guide for Enhanced Living" essentially an advertiser supported practitioner and services directory on Long Island. Though all but abandoned for the last few years, waiting for the market to catch up with her vision, Lee also created the first New York regional website to help promote practioners in 1996 more recently known as BodyMindandSpiritofLI.com.  While the venture failed to turn a profit, Lee would still love to jump back into the project - possibly with a partner, some time in the future.

Before her involvement in this community, Lee spent close to 20 years in the corporate business world where she held a variety of positions in direct sales, national account sales, product marketing, sales and product training as well as management primarily in the fields telecommunications, data communications and office automation. She holds a Bachelors degree in Business with a concentration in Marketing from Richard Stockton College of New Jersey. Lee has also studied ornamental horticulture at SUNY Farmingdale , an eclectic form of energetic healing and is a level two Integrated Energy Therapy student.

Just in case you're not sure if we can be of service, take a look at this quiz. If you can answer yes to any the questions below, it's time to contact us to see how we, and The Universe, can help you help others.
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Let us help you maximize your financial  resources by showing you the most cost effective and effective ways to reach new clients. Call us today at 631-255-8135.

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