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Internet Marketing: Portfolio of Websites Designed

We've designed a variety of websites over the years for clients such as WeOpine, Hamptons Beach Cottage, Eyes of Learning, Elaine Resnik, Spiritual Cinema Source and The Center of Inner Wisdom. Often we work within some very limited budgets where functionality and  intuitive navigation are the main goals.  Our design concept tends to be simple but effective. We personally prefer minimal graphics and special effects to speed page loads and prevent visitors from abandoning your site before loading completely. We will try to help you resist overloading your pages with  flash, special scripts, frames, image maps and the like which many clients love to look at but can result in lower search engine placement. Though extremely popular and attractive, sites using adobe flash can, and often do, result in uneven visitor outcomes peppered with frozen browsers and crashed PCs. We can however, be as fancy as you want or like. H
ere are some of our sites*: 

WeOpine.com - 2010 (B2 Evolution blogging platform - newsite, currently tweaking)

HamptonsBestItalianFood.com - 2010 (stand-alone site - new site, currently tweaking)

ThirdMillenniumResources.com - 2010 (under renovation - trialing new design/creation maintenance platform) 

Patriot Links  - 2010 ( B2 Eolution blogging platform - ongoing development)

Eyes of Learning - 2009 (Wordpress blogging platform - manage client blog posts, email list and broadcasts)

Careers by Choice - 2008 (stand-alone site - currently considering updating again)

Hamptons Beach Cottage for Rent - 2006 (stand-alone site)

Spiritual Cinema Source - 2006 (Joomla CMS Platform - client updates infrequently themselves)

The Center of Inner Wisdom - 2005 (stand-alone site)

Elaine Resnik - 2005 (stand-alone site)

RevitalizeNow.com - 2002 (stand-alone site)

Oxford Business Consulting Group - 2005 (stand-alone site - no longer active)

Fitness Spaces - 2005 (stand-alone site - no longer active)

Village Green Family Campground - 2004 (stand-alone site - client now maintains and modifies themselves)

Long Island Lady Golf - 2004 (stand-alone site - client no longer maintains)

Business Woman's Golf Association of LI - 2004 (stand-alone site - client rarely maintains)

Body, Mind and Spirit of LI dot Com -2002 (stand-alone site - no longer actively maintained.  May be revamped one day...)

 Life Celebrations - 2002 (stand-alone site - no longer active - was state of the art once :)

Americans for Civilized Urban Environments - 1998 The "dark ages" of web design! (stand-alone site - no longer active, we just like it for historical reasons)

If you are interested in learning more about how much it will cost for you to have your own website created, or for us to revamp an existing site, please see our page titled "Your Website"

*Note: When they were first created, these sites  represented  our best work at the time. Like many entrepreneurial ventures, not all survive in spite of the best marketing efforts ,so they are no longer currently used and therefore have not warranted an updating or makeover since they were originally conceived.

OverviewServicesYour WebsitePortfolioAbout UsSitemap