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Internet Marketing Services
We offer a wide variety of services relative to your presence on the internet.  Some of you might not even be familiar with yet.  We would be happy to sit down with you to discuss your existing or future website, or any additional needs or concerns you might have about your web presence.  Our intitial consultation is completely free and involves no obligation on your part.  Won't you call us today at 631-255-8135 and schedule an appointment today?  What do you have to lose?

Social networking and blog integration and content outsourcing

While this is not typically the first step in developing a web presence, it is an area that all current website owners need to be addressing.  If you do not have a blog, have not tweeted, linkedin, facebooked, myspaced, digged or stumbled upon you may be leaving some business opportunities on the table.  Various metrics are still conflicting one another concerning the efficacy of integrating these and other social networking platforms in terms of added business revenue but it is clear that fresh content and linking are beneficial in bringing search engine spiders to your site and they are the  key to better rankings.  If you already have some or all of these capabilities, you should be adding new content at least once a week preferably twice a week for best results.  In addition, posting comments and trackbacks to articles related to your site will provide valuable linkbacks that Google desires.  You can hire someone on your staff to handle these responsibilities or we can provide this service to you on an outsourced basis.  With expertise in both site design and content writing, we are well positioned to handle these important tasks without the need to add additional workers to your payroll.  

Website design, redesign and development
It all starts here - with a free initial consultation.  This is where we sit down with you in person and talk about where you would like to see your business be in 1-3 years.  Before we start telling you our ideas about your new site or how to "fix" your exisitng one, we need to get to know you and your business so our focus and design works in concert with your plans. We would like our relationship to be longterm and believe we can do our best work for your company when we maintain an active partnership with our clients.  SO whether you are planning for your first site, looking to provide a facelift for the design and content of an exisitng site or considering an "extreme makeover", we believe our marketing and internet background offers the all around best choice for your site design/redesign project.

Website management and hosting
Hosting is an area that you, as a customer, rarely needs to be overly concerned with.  Typically your website designer can handle the process of reserving a domain name and hosting your site, usually at a reasonable cost - though some can get quite pricey as they build other costs or profitability into their charges.  This is typical by the way.  If you are unhappy with your current hosting company, we would be happy to discuss our service and how your company might benefit from "Better More Simple Hosting" from our subsidiary BMSHostCo.

Ongoing maintenance of your new or exisiting website is another area you might not give too much thought to but there is more at stake by being complacent here.  The costs associated with adds, moves and revisions to your site may or may not be included in quotes you receive for design, redesign.  We like to offer a few months of changes etc. to our customers when quoting the cost for a new website.  After that time you can handle them in-house or outsource them to us on a time and materials basis.  Another service  that falls into the maintenance category would be providing management with ad hoc reports relative to site traffic such as hits and page views or visitor demographics. An alternative to this "pay as you go" option would be to enter into a retainer relationship that could save you money and provide you with priority status when you do require our services.  Note, you do not need to be a Third Millennium Resources design customer to take advantage of these services.

Search Engine Optmization  SEO
Optimizing your website for the highest organic search engine ranking is of utmost importance to us. Regardless of what you might be told, it is an inexact and fluid science filled with many landmines and a ton of misinformation.  We do our best to keep up to date with the latest rules and algorithm foibles.  We craft content carefully to strike the right balance between human and machine readability.  We can help select a domain name and use search engine friendly naming conventions for your pages.  Every step of the way we keep search engine performance uppermost in our thoughts when designing your site.

Website marketing strategies including Google Adwords and Adsense implementation

Because good organic search engine results have no direct costs associated with them, they are our first focus when planning your site.  Another choice for improving traffic directed to your site would require a financial investment on your part for a pay-per-click service such as Google Adwords.  If you are interested in monetizing your site to generate a passive revenue stream, you might wish to consider Google Adwords or some other form of advertising or even affiliate arrangements.  We can research different options for you to consider and manage those relationships on your behalf if you are interested in pursuing these types of options.  Note, you do not need to be a Third Millennium Resources design customer to take advantage of these services.

Email List Management, newsletter creation and email creation
Setting up and managing a mailing list and handling outgoing email campaigns is another service we can provide on an as needed basis. Again, you do not need to be an exisiting customer to hire us for this work.

OverviewServicesYour WebsitePortfolioAbout UsSitemap